why travel to israel

A Christian pilgrimage to Israel is an unforgettable spiritual journey that will connect you with the roots of your faith and bring the Bible to life. From the ancient city of Jerusalem, to the Sea of Galilee, the birthplace of Jesus in Bethlehem, and many other biblical sites, you will be able to walk in the footsteps of Jesus, the Apostles, and the early Christians.

A trip to the Holy Land is a chance to deepen your faith and gain a greater understanding of the Bible. You will be able to see the places where Jesus lived, preached and performed miracles, and also where he was crucified and resurrected. Visiting these sacred places will give you a deeper appreciation for the stories you have heard all your life, and will bring the Bible to life in a new way.

You will also have the opportunity to travel with other Christians and learn and grow together through unique experiences and a living encounter with the history of the Bible.

Additionally, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful and diverse landscapes of Israel, including the Sea of Galilee, the Jordan River, the desert and the Mediterranean coast.

Join us on a Christian pilgrimage to Israel and experience the spiritual richness and beauty of the Holy Land. This journey is sure to leave a lasting impact on your faith and your life.

locations you will visit

Some of the locations we will visit in Israel

Walk where Jesus and His disciples walked. Visit locations thousands of years old. A trip to Israel is a life changing experience.

On a trip to Israel you are more of a pilgrim on a pilgrimage rather than a tourist.  A tourist might see some amazing sites and history, but a pilgrim is on a spiritual or religious journey.   During your tour of Israel the bible comes alive. You will develop a visual reference for the places and stories described in scripture.  

Our tours are led by Christian tour guides who explain the Christian heritage of the locations we visit.  

Some sites include:

  • the sea of GALILEE 
  • Ride the jesus boat on the sea of galilee
  • Mount of BEATITUDES
  • Tabgha (Feeding of the Multitude) Church of the multiplication
  • Church of the Primacy of saint peter
  • capharnaum (the town of Jesus)
  • st. Peters house as mentioned in Mark 1:29-31
  • Tel Bet She'an

  • Tel Hatzor "...the head of all those kingdoms" Joshua 11:10
  • the springs and sites at Dan
  • Hermon Streams
  • Nimrod Fortress
  • Magdala (Magdala stone)
  •  city of nazareth and village
  • mount of precipice
  • church of immaculate conception
  • tel Megiddo
  • the city of Jerusalem
  • the temple mount
  • western wall
  • city of david
  • hezekiah's tunnel
  • bethlehem (birthplace of Jesus)
  • jordan river (jesus BAPTISM site)
  • masada 
  • the dead sea
  • en gedi (where david hid from saul)
  • site where the dead sea SCROLLS were found
  • Mount of temptation in JERICHO
  • mount of olives
  • gethsemane
  • via dolorosa
  • church of the holy SEPULCHRE 
  • garden tomb
  • caesarea MARITIMA
  • and so much more

PICTURES of the holy land


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