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Ski with us in Leadville Colorado, December 28, 2021 - January 1,2022. Make memories to last a lifetime.
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Make Memories to Last A Lifetime!

What did you get for Christmas when you were 12? Don't remember? Me either, but I do remember going skiing with my family.

Make Christmas memories that will last longer than anything plastic you can put under the Christmas tree. However, if you are like Abbey you just have to wrap something. Here are some ideas for great pre-Ski trip presents:

  • Ski pants
  • Ski gloves
  • Ski goggles
  • Ski mask
  • Ski _______________

Come skiing with Civitas Tours, the Vogt's and your friends and family in December 2021. Have fun and fellowship with friends while growing closer with your family.

You will always remember Christmas 2021.

Memories to last a lifetime.

You will always remember the fun you had while skiing with your family. You can also take along a camera and cement the fun in time.

While watching this short video keep thinking, "Insert your family here".

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Ski Cooper

Ski Cooper

We are going to Ski Cooper. This is one of the higher ski resorts in Colorado with the top of the mountain at 11,700 feet above sea level. This provides some amazing views!

Ski Cooper is a smaller resort with a family friendly feel. While it is smaller than other resorts they have a variety of great trails. With 60 trails and 5 ski lifts you will not be bored with Ski Coopers selection of greens to double black diamonds.

Click Here to Visit Ski Cooper's website.

Civitas Tours

How does this trip work?

We can customize your trip for your family and needs. In other words we can do as much or as little as you would like.

If you want us to take care of everything, we can do that. We will book your flights, rental car, house (VRBO), lift tickets, ski equipment rental and anything else that comes up.

If you want to drive out we can take care of getting you a house, lift tickets, ski equipment rental and anything else that comes up.

If you have airline miles or vouchers you need to use .... well you get the idea.

We will do as much as you would like and give you one price. We are constantly working to keep the price as low as possible. By booking as a group we get discounts and pass those savings on to you.

Cost Estimates

Here are some examples of the cost of the trip for a family of 4. Two adults and two kids (ages 5-14).

If you drive to Colorado

If you drive to Colorado you will save on the flights and rental car expenses. Google maps estimates this trip to take approximately 14 hrs.

The price of this trip includes:

  • Ski School - If needed. Taught by David Vogt.
  • ~$2500.00 Total

Fly from Kansas City

With this option you will need to drive to Kansas City. The advantage is we can book you flights on Southwest airlines at a lower cost than flying out of Springfield.

The price of this trip includes:

  • Roundtrip airfare from KC
  • Rental Car in Colorado
  • House
  • Lift tickets - 3 days of skiing
  • Ski School - If needed. Taught by David Vogt.
  • ~$3750.00 Total

Fly from Springfield

If you don't have the time to drive to Kansas City, you can fly from Springfield. This is often a direct flight into Denver.

The price of this trip includes:

  • Roundtrip airfare from Springfield
  • Rental car in Colorado
  • House
  • Lift ticket - 3 days of skiing
  • ski equipment rental - 3 days
  • Ski School - If needed. Taught by David Vogt.
  • ~$5700.00 total

Cost saving ideas

Here are some great ways to lower the cost of your trip.

Drive Instead of Fly.

If you have the time, driving can be a big cost saver for this trip. This removes the flight and rental car from the overall cost of your trip. However, according to google maps this trip will be approximately 14 hrs long. If spending 14 hours in a car with your family doesn't sound like your cup of tea....keep reading.

Share a house with another family.

We will be getting VRBO style houses for your accommodations. Leadville is a small town and hotel choices are not great. We have rented houses each time we traveled to Leadville and were not disappointed. Some of the houses that are available are quite large and can easily be shared with another family or two, and still give everyone their own room (depending on the house). This can significantly reduce the cost of the house as you are sharing that cost with another family. Just make sure you really like them. :)

Bring your own ski equipment.

All of the costs listed here include ski equipment rental. If your family has ski equipment, bring it with you. Just let us know as there may be additional baggage charges if you are flying with ski equipment.

Civitas Tours

Q n A

Does ski school taught by David include snowboard instruction?

No, David doesn't snowboard. Snowboarding is typically more difficult to master; therefore, we recommend an instructor with Ski Cooper. We can set that up for you but it will be an additional cost. Just let us know if anyone in your family wants to snowboard.

What do you do about food?

Each house has a full kitchen. There is a grocery story in Leadville, so stocking up on groceries upon arrival will allow you to cook whatever you would like. There are also some good restaurants in Leadville including an amazing pizza restaurant. As for lunch, you can pack your own, or eat at the Ski Cooper Lodge.

What is the housing like?

We have a good relationship with a local real-estate company in Leadville who we work with for rental houses for this trip. The cost of the house depends on the size and amenities requested. We have never been unsatisfied with a house we have rented in Leadville. Some homes are older and have a lot of charm (newly renovated) while others are newer construction. We can even try to get you one with a hot tub.

What kind of car rental will you get for me?

We will try to get AWD or 4WD vehicles. As we will be at a high altitude they often get snow while we are there. Good for skiing, but not for driving. While the road crews are accustom to snow it is still a good idea to have the AWD or 4WD.

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